Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Digital Media a Demise??

The following Fox Business News video was viewed by our class today:
Mottola: Digital Media Has Changed Music Industry

My comments below concerning the context of this video are below:

Alot of what he says makes sense from a Monday
morning quarterback type of aspect but I will tell 
him like I tell alot of DJ's who complain about  
someone who is able to get a laptop and some Serato, 
Torq, Vestax, Itch, Traxktor or other DJ software 
and some music and call themselves a DJ:
You cannot expect the times or technology to remain 
the same so that it can fit a mold that you like and 
can enjoy the benefits of.  Technology does change, 
times do change so what you have to do is be that 
much more better at your craft; have that much more 
respect for being a DJ and delivering music to a 
consumer so that the difference between the quality 
of what you do and the quality of what someone who 
just bought a laptop and some software is clearly 
There is much more demand for music than there are 
enough DJ's to fill it; this has created the 
environment where media had to go digital and an 
environment where someone off the street can buy the 
necessary equipment and call themselves a DJ.  The 
consumers change in habit with regards to 
consumption of music has demanded this so you cannot 
fault a person who wants to do their part in helping 
to fill this demand.
This same sentiment is applied to Digital Media; and 
it is also digital media that has made the above 
ability for someone to buy a laptop and some 
software and call themselves a DJ possible.
Consumers are tired of buying an album to only find 
one to maybe two good songs on it (especially after 
waiting months for the albums release after multiple 
single creeps to the market and delays of the albums 
release); its easy for record labels to cry foul 
when they feel that a quality product has been put 
on the store shelves for consumers to enjoy; but the 
consumer has responded by changing their purchasing 
What has to be done is stop blaming technology and 
actually blame the record labels for not paying 
proper attention to nor listening to what the 
consumer had to say about the product they were 
selling when it came to recorded music through 
proper strategic planning and alignment of the 
latest advances in music technology with the record 
labels goals and objectives.
The Beatles understood; that is why it took so long 
for Apple iTunes to get their catalog to sell in a 
digital format.
You have to now begin understanding 
and maintaining proper control over your product as 
a musician and as a record label you have to 
strategically plan out what you are going to do to 
make the Digital Media phenomena work for you and 
your investors while giving proper attention to the 
artists on your roster.

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  1. You're right! With the advancement of technology, DJ's need to have the same core skills that they would have needed before the digital revolution. You're just a juke box if you only know how to use a computer program. I agree that technology is not to blame. It is the companies to blame that can not keep up.