Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introducing Brix - Pay Me Back (Video)

Ladies And Gentlemen I Introduce To You Brix. A Solid Brother On His Grind, And From My Hometown I Might Add (But I Grew Up A Couple Of Doors Down In Crown Heights). Trust Me People He Ain’t Lying When His Biography Talks About The Grime Show In Brownsville. I Grew Up There In The 80’s And Between That Neighborhood And Bedford Stuyvesant (BedSty) You Had To Know Somebody Just To Walk Through The Block To Get To Where You Were Going!

Check Out This Superior Quality Video. It Describes Perfectly What A lot Of Us Go Through When We Lend Money Then Make That Phone call To Get Back What We Lent Out Glorious Word Play.

To Cap It All Off A Member Of My Top Five Is The Sidekick. Big Shouts To DJ Hasz of FutureSneakerHeadsOfAmerica.

Enjoy The Video. As Always Feedback Is Greatly Appreciated.

Uncle Mel

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